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Parent Engagement

Parents as Partners

At the Lighthouse Nursery, we recognise that children benefit from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership. We recognise that parents are children’s first and foremost educators and when we work together the results have a positive impact on their children’s development.

We want happy and thriving children and happy and trusting parents, your child is unique and so is our service, we work in partnership with you to provide a tailor-made service, designed specifically for your child’s needs and interests. We believe in keeping parents fully informed about their child’s progress and so we regularly share information, views and any concerns. We do this through our Parent’s portal: BabyDays

Notices to Parents

Parent Contact Form

Leave a message and the management team will respond promptly. If urgent or time-sensitive please phone the nursery: 02082900070

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Feel free to ask a question send a message or simply leave a comment.

Here you can see; your child’s Daily Notes, Sleep Times, Bottle Feeds, Toileting Records, Progress Achievement Dates, Progress Photographs, Videos, Progress Notes, Observations, Termly Reports, Photographs, Policies, Permissions, Contracts, Invoices, Attendance Registers, Short and Long Term Medications, Accidents, Incidents and Existing Injuries, Newsletters, Authorised Persons and Risk Assessments. You are also able to add Observations, Next Steps, Photographs and Videos of your child and record Accidents or Incidents that took place at home to inform our staff.

Baby’s Days also helps us reduce our paper waste furthering our commitment to lowering our environmental impact and improving our sustainability, which is something that we highlight to the children as very important.

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