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Parent Engagement

Extended Learning

We believe that parents are the most important influence in a child’s life, you may support their development and intrigue in the nursery at home with these extended learning opportunities. As well as this you may speak to your child’s key person about our optional opt-in homework programme if you would like to further support your Childs growth, development and interests.

Arts & Crafts ideas

In our Aspiring artists programme, we look at the work of an artist, a designer or a photographer and we create works inspired by the artists work, below are some examples of artists and their work that we have looked at for the children to try another at home. We also do Transient art which is the process of creating non-permanent, constantly evolving and process-orientated art. When children work on transient art projects they manipulate, explore and experiment as they work individually or collaboratively, you can try some of the lessons below at home with standard household objects. We also added a few of our favourite arts and crafts projects below.

Fun Recipies to Try at home

We run a Curious cooks programme where the children learn to cook, you can continue the fun and home with a selection of our favourite recipes below