The Lighthouse Nursery


Four Key Themes

There are seven areas of learning and development each with ‘development matters’ to support progress towards the early learning goals which children are expected to achieve at the age of five or by the end of their reception year. At the Lighthouse Nursery, we ensure that every child has met and exceeded these standards through our exceptional quality of teaching. These areas are divided into three prime and four specific areas.

A Unique Child

Every child is a competent learner who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.  We ensure that every child is treated as an individual with care, interest and goals tailored to them

Positive Relationships

Our Children learn to be strong and independent from a foundation of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or carers as well as their key person in the nursery

Enabling Environments

Our setting plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. Our homely facilities and tranquil woodland surroundings is a rich environment to facilitate learning

Learning & Development

All children learn and achieve in different ways and at different rates. Our unique approach ensures the learning and development of your child through a culmination of our care, teaching and friendship

Communication & Language | Personal, Social & Emotional | Physical

Prime Areas of Development

Every morning starts with Wake and Shake where the entire nursery cohort meets for a fun sing-along and day, this is a great way to get started for the day and meet new friends across age groups in the nursery.

Circle time every morning within each group is the cornerstone of our approach for the development of your child. During this time each child will have a spotlight moment to discuss any of their interests with the group out what the got up to last night or plans for the weekend. Here every child has an opportunity to share and learn from one another and explore the world outside the nursery through each other’s experiences. We also discuss the plan for the day and how it ties into the theme of the week, This advances their communication and language building confidence and character as well as personal development as they take a moment of reflection to consider what to share with the group, social skills as they listen and elaborate on one another’s discussion and emotional development as they are encouraged to openly explore their feelings, developing their empathy as they listen to each other. Interlaced throughout the day is outdoor play for physical development with a minimum of 2 hours daily to ensure every child gets some active time alongside implementing a free flow throughout the day weather permitting. We also have 2 dedicated sports programmes; physical fun, created in-house and Multi-sports run by a Pro-stars a leading sports education organisation.

We follow the ‘I Can – Learning to Talk’ programme to develop speech and language initially encouraging communication through sound imitation progressing to fully-fledged conversations to expand their vocabulary with new words and themes of the week to cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as weather, sports, food and British values, preparing our children for intriguing conversation.

Literacy | Mathematics | Understanding the World | Expressive Arts & Design

Specific Areas of Development

We have specially designed programmes to guarantee that every child succeeds in our specific areas of development and create a bespoke learning programme for each child in our nursery to ensure every child’s needs are met.

Marvellous Maths

Our Marvellous Maths scheme is a fun interactive introduction to the world of numbers. Beginning at an early age with the Cuddly and Courageous cubs (under twos) with repetition of numbers following along as our early years educators count with them, till they progress as Excellent Eagles (ages 3 to 5) to understand simple addition, with our gifted and talented children undertaking complex addition and basic subtraction. We aim for every child to leave the nursery confidently able to count to 100.

Scribble and Scribe

Our Scribble and Scribe programme encourages our children to express themselves through written language. We introduce our youngest pupils to the alphabet, showing them how to hold a pen and even being to copy out some letters. This builds the foundation for phonics-driven exploration of written language and writing brief diaries and creating fun imaginative stories.

Wonderful World

We explore different countries and cultures through our Wonderful World programme where engage the children’s imaginations to transport them to a whole new country, introducing them to a foreign culture. The wealth of diversity in the nursery staff allows us to comprehensively showcase a country to the children in the nursery, allowing them to try on traditional wear, listen to the regional music, explore landmarks on google earth and try some foreign cuisine.

Aspiring Artists

Through the Expressive Arts and Design programme, our children learn to communicate through art and explore their imagination with a paintbrush. Every week in our Aspiring Artists programme the children are introduced to an artist, artistic movement or photographer, we then encourage the children to imitate and recreate this through their artwork. 

We actively pursue opportunities for extended learning with regular trips and outings

French Language & Culture Lessons: A Lighthouse Nursery designed programme where our children are transported to France where they learn a new language and culture which will reinforce their language skills.

Sizzling Science: We introduce the children to the world of science and the scientific method in these classes with experiments that will help them to understand the world around them and learn about new and exciting discoveries. The children have enjoyed learning about: Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Climate Change, the Water Cycle and Planets as well as undertaking experiments with Plants and food.

Polish Language & Culture Lessons: Our Diverse and Multicultural staff created and run our Precious Polish programme where children learn about the language and culture of Poland as well as discover of Polish art, traditional wear and music.

Outdoor Learning in Our Woodland: Forest School is our Woodland learning programme exploring how the world works and nature in the local woodlands opposite the nursery, following the green chain nature walk trail. The children enjoy learning about Woodland animals like bunnies and badgers as well as learning to count with sticks and stones and learning about habitats and ecosystems and the importance of green spaces

Curious Cooks, Children’s Connoisseur cooking: We allow the children to select a meal they would like to cook then take the Excellent Eagles [3-5] on a trip to the local Waitrose (5 minute walk) and help them to pick out the ingredients listed on the recipe, then read the instructions and work as a team to count what is needed and cook the meal. The Excellent Eagles will make the main dish, the toddlers will create the side dish and the Cuddly cubs will produce the desert. This activity reinforces all aspects of the curriculum, encompassing, reading, art, maths, science, listening and teamwork. The children as closely supervised throughout.

Creating Well rounded individuals ready for tomorrow

We have specialised extra-curricular activities available to further promote learning and development, tying into our broader objectives including the range of extra-curricular activities below:

Our Partners and in-house Extra-Curricular classes

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