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Welcome to the Lighthouse Nursery

Welcome to The Lighthouse Nursery in Bromley, established in January 2013, where we aim to ensure the happiness, well-being and all-round care and educational development for babies and children up to the age of five in a safe and caring environment set in a historic Grade I listed Farmhouse creating a loving home from home setting. 

We are delighted to welcome your child to The Lighthouse Nursery and feel sure that they will be happy here. We aim to provide a loving, happy, playful and stimulating learning environment, with a caring atmosphere, with respect for differences, where all children are welcome, feel valued and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

We recognise the importance of our highly skilled team working in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible start for all the children. We acknowledge the huge responsibility and greatest privilege we have to be given the opportunity to work with young children and so we strive to improve our service on a daily basis and welcome your comments and feedback.

We are proud of all The Lighthouse children’s achievement’s when they leave the Lighthouse and go to school and we welcome their visits and testimonies of how well they are doing.

We offer a free home visit and settling in sessions, providing you and your child with a happy and smooth transition into nursery life.

We warmly welcome you and your family and would love to provide a nursery viewing. Please feel free to contact us to arrange to arrange a visit.

Warmest regards,

Mrs Antoinette Osahon


Nursery Manager and Managing Director.

About us

At the Lighthouse, we embrace and promote the values of our Christian faith by imparting a loving, happy, playful and caring atmosphere. We teach our children to respect differences and all children are welcome and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

Children learn more in the first five years of their lives than at any other time. We recognise that the right care mixed with love, guidance, equality of opportunity, a high standard of early years development, learning, good manners and self-discipline are the basis for developing the whole child.

We believe that caring for children at this tender age is the most important job that anyone can do as they are the building blocks for the future. We aim to provide a safe, caring and fun active learning environment for children of all age groups where they will flourish and develop a love of learning. We challenge our children today, to be the best that they can be and grow towards excelling and succeeding for tomorrow.

We create a home from home setting, with a strong family ethos that facilitates your child’s learning & curiosity to ensure that every child is valued and appreciated.

We are an enthusiastic highly qualified family orientated team who strongly believe that the whole family play an integral part in raising and developing children to be the best of their ability.

Pastoral Care 


The Lighthouse Nursery provides each child with an affectionate, supportive and enjoyable start to their nursery life. We listen carefully to each child’s voice and take on board their views and interests.  We strive to provide our children with a happy, fun, secure and nurturing play and learning environment where children thrive as creative thinkers under our special care.

We understand the importance of early years education in supporting a child’s development, and the special tender care and understanding it takes to raise happy resilient, confident children. We do not take lightly the trust and confidence placed in us by all our families.

Our experienced, highly qualified, kind and caring dedicated staff are committed to ensuring every day is filled with amazing opportunities to spark the awe and wonder in a child to learn and explore the world around them. By recognising each child’s individual needs, we are able to provide tailored learning opportunities in a fun and caring way, supporting the growth of your child to become confident and resilient children and giving them the confidence and skills, they need to ensure they are school ready. Our resources and activities promote learning and development and challenge children at age appropriate levels. As a result, children make excellent progress throughout their time at the Lighthouse Nursery.

Pastoral care extends beyond the families to the staff who are good family role models who enjoy good work life balance with flexible working patterns in a fun working environment that promotes cordial family relationships.

Where we Are

Our tranquil country setting, provides a highly suited location for a Nursery, fully equipped for children situated in a substantial 18th Century Farmhouse which has retained much character and charm from its agricultural heritage. We are located at the end of Milk Street, opposite a large woodland Green chain walk, where much wildlife is thriving, with large rural gardens surrounding the house. Grove Park Station, and Plaistow and Sundridge park is a convenient 15-20 minute walk.

The best care possible and education provided each day
Happy children, happy parents, happy staff
Every child is a jewel
Love and laughter shared in the community
Igniting the natural intelligence in every child
God’s greatest gifts creates a genius
Home from home setting in a safe supportive environment that promotes creative thinking
Talented teachers enable thriving triumphant children
Highly qualified & experienced staff
Open arms greet children each morning
Under the umbrella of developing partnerships in the local community
Sparking the awe and wonder in a child with a super start to school
Essentially building a better future one child at a time
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